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Get a Sneak Peak of the 2019 EDGE Replay System - Sport Scope Video

Get a Sneak Peak of the 2019 EDGE Replay System

In today's blog post we'll be discussing our latest video tutorials for how to properly connect the new 2019 EDGE Replay hardware. For the upcoming season, we've upgraded EDGE to the latest and greatest Sideline Instant Replay technology, giving you a wireless hotspot connection in both the Pressbox and on the Sideline. In these tutorials you'll get a clear, concise picture of all of the new hardware and exactly how you'll be using them to set up before each game.

EDGE Replay One-View System

Much like the EDGE Replay from previous iterations, the Pressbox station will be your master control center that creates your private WiFi network. This hardware always needs to be connected for your system to work properly. For those utilizing only one camera in the Press Box to obtain a Sideline View, you'll simply set up your network station here and an additional access point on the Sideline. This will give your coaching staff two locations to connect to your network and operate the replay system. And because much of the equipment is pre-installed in protective hardcases, most of your set-up is simply plugging in a few cords to their color-coded spots. It's simple and, more importantly, reliably fast sideline instant replay.

EDGE Replay Two-View System

As can be seen from the below video, the only difference between the One-View system and the Two-View system is the addition of the Endzone Replay angle. Therefore, the additional setup time is only minimal. Again, most of the equipment is already preinstalled in a designated, protective hardcase. You'll only need to plug in a few parts and the antenna setup is actually the easiest from the Endzone. You only need one Bridge antenna angled up to the Pressbox and then you're ready to roll.

Once everything is connected, you'll simply connect your iPads to the correct Pressbox or Sideline WiFi access point and begin using the system. You can obtain the full PDF version of the EDGE Replay instructions from our downloadable manual here. We'll have new video tutorials coming soon to showcase how the latest iteration of the Sport Scope app works with your replay angles. Stay tuned!

If your school is interested in Sideline Replay or would like to exchange your current system, such as the Hudl Sideline, for a well-supported replay system that's both powerful and easy to use, the EDGE Replay is the one for you. With an annual fee of only $499 and the best wireless network in the industry and an easy-to-use iPad app, EDGE Replay gives you the Sideline Replay experience you expect on Friday nights. Learn more about our Exchange Program to trade in your Hudl Sideline or other Replay System for a discounted EDGE Replay or call (888) 335-7875 to learn more!

Posted on May 3, 2019