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Six Important Things to Look for in a Sideline Instant Replay System for Football - Sport Scope Video

Six Important Things to Look for in a Sideline Instant Replay System for Football

EDGE Instant Replay

In high school football it’s perfectly legal for coaches to have Instant Replay on their tablet on the sideline mere seconds after the play is over. This provides a substantial advantage over the competition and changes the way coaches run a football program. As sideline replay becomes the norm more and more, the question becomes which system is going to provide you with the most immediate feedback, the most intuitive experience, and the most practical features? Therefore, let’s discuss the top 6 things to look for in a Sideline Instant Replay System.

1. Does your system have a recording device built specifically for Sideline Replay?

The device used for capturing your camera’s recording is the most integral aspect of your replay system. Some companies tout the ability to live stream the game directly to your tablet using a streaming box. However, this comes at a serious cost. Current streaming hardware requires a lot of bandwidth. This puts serious stress on your network and dramatically slows download speeds. Additionally, the streaming device requires an outside computer to compute the stream and deliver all recorded angles to your screen. The Hudl Sideline, for example, makes your iPad do all the work of computing the recorded multiple angles currently being live streamed before delivering the footage you need to see.

EDGE Instant Replay

Streaming boxes and computers are also expensive and can sometimes be dependent on software and firewalls. The most ideal device is one that only records the footage you're interested in and then subsequently sends the recorded footage directly to your screen. Ideally, this recording device will be built from the ground up exclusively for sideline replay. It won’t rely on a third-party streaming device, a laptop, or your iPad. The best replay devices are designed solely to do the work of delivering the footage you need to see, when you need it.

2. Is the download speed fast enough to keep up with the game?

As alluded to above, download speeds are crucial. Nowadays football is a fast game. Coaches don’t have time to wait 30 seconds for the clip to be downloaded to their iPad before they can review it. Downloads need to be near instantaneous. Therefore, when researching a Sideline Instant Replay system for your team, be sure you know what kind of download speeds the system will be providing.

3. Does your system allow for multiple recorded angles to download simultaneously?

Numerous teams rely on multiple camera angles to record their game simultaneously. The most common angles are, of course, the Pressbox view and the Endzone view. Therefore, being able to download both angles simultaneously is a serious asset. This way, you can view whichever angle you need to see as soon as it's available. No waiting for the one you want to see showing up on your screen after it's too late.

4. Does your Replay have Live Tagging, Game Stats, and Tendencies available DURING the game?

Replay features give fantastic statistical advantages to football teams. For one, your Replay System should have a live tagging feature that allows you to tag the game as it’s happening. This can substantially reduce the coaches’ workload of tagging every individual play after the game. It’s best if the tagging can be associated with each play clip so that way you know the play was correctly tagged at down and distance and ODK.

EDGE Instant Replay

Another great feature of a Replay System is the ability to provide game stats and your opponent’s and your own team’s current tendencies based on down and distance. A Replay System that has live tagging is capable of providing all the stats you want to see on the current game that is being tagged. Therefore, it’s possible to find out exactly what your opponent’s rushing % or passing % has been throughout the game for the very next play on that particular down and distance. This is an incredibly powerful predictive tool that will inform you on how to run your next play.

5. Does your system have an on-field power source?

A replay system designed to either capture video from the Endzone or the Pressbox or both is a sophisticated piece of technology. And technology requires power! For your set up in the Endzone, most likely you’re not going to have access to an extension cord or an electrical outlet. Therefore, it’s vital that your Replay System provides you with an alternative power source capable of running all components for the entire length of the game and then some.

6. Is your system intuitive and easy to set up?

A replay system is no good if it isn’t operating in time or has constant issues. You need a system that is easy to set up AND easy to troubleshoot. Additionally, it’s no good if a system tries to hide all the pieces and parts from you. This is because the second something goes wrong, you won’t be able to access the part that needs troubleshooting.

EDGE Instant Replay

Your system should be easy to understand AND accessible for troubleshooting at all times. And with good customer service at your fingertips, you'll be able to identify where the hiccup is, correct it, and be up and running before kickoff.

At Sport Scope we believe the EDGE Replay matches all the criteria described above and has the best hardware to software communication built from the ground up exclusively for sideline instant replay.

Not convinced? Check out our replay comparison page and do your own research between the EDGE and our competitors. If you're as confident as we are that the EDGE will give your team the advantage, call (888) 335-7875 today to learn more!

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 11:30 AM