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New Year, New Technology - Wireless Endzone Camera! - Sport Scope Video

New Year, New Technology - Wireless Endzone Camera!

At Sport Scope and EDGE Replay we are so excited to introduce the most groundbreaking technology to enter the end zone camera and instant replay industry. Welcome to the future with the Wireless Endzone Camera System!

Control From Anywhere

The Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera is comprised of three main components:

  • Wireless Pan/Tilt Head
  • Router
  • Antenna

Simply connect your camera to the top of the Wireless Pan/Tilt Head. Then, a single ethernet cable extends down the tower to your router and the router is connected to an antenna. Then you'll have two batteries to power the Pan/Tilt head and camera at the top of the tower and the router on the ground. That's it!

No big cable bundles, monitor screens, additional remotes and joysticks, or a surplus of additional batteries. Once the system is up and running you can connect your iPad to your own private network and then use our custom app to control from anywhere in the stadium. No more filming out in the rain! You can sit comfortably in the Press Box and control your End Zone Camera!

On Screen Controls

In the Sport Scope Wireless app, you'll have a live view on your screen coming directly from the camera's vantage point. You see what it sees. Simply set your thumb on the right side of the screen to activate a virtual control stick and control the panning and tilting. Place your thumb on the left to control the zooming for wide and tight (You can switch these settings at any time). An on-screen record button allows you to start the camera recording at any time. You can also turn the camera on/off, adjust settings, and refresh the live view when needed.

We also have a few exciting additional on-screen features with football coaches in mind. Highlight whether the play you're about to record is offense, defense or a kick with on-screen ODK buttons. You can also use the "UNDO" button to kick the camera back to the last starting position! So if the play started at the center of the field and you want to move your camera back to that position, simply hit the "UNDO" button and your camera is pointed back to that exact position in an instant!

Built In Instant Replay

Last year EDGE Replay changed the way coaches did sideline instant replay. Today we're bundling the same amazing technology from EDGE Replay into the Wireless Endzone Camera System! The hardware exists internally inside your system. Only now there's a bonus.

Because you're controlling the camera from the screen of your iPad, that means all connected iPads receive a live view of the game! The Hudl Sideline is only capable of delivering a live stream to a single iPad and forces that iPad to do the encoding work for their replay. So with Hudl Sideline the head coach's iPad probably isn't getting the live stream because he's not the one doing the recording. This also makes for slower clip downloads and a bogged down network.

Not so with the Sport Scope Wireless. Our proprietary live view is sent independently from the brains of the operation that's delivering your high quality replay recordings. So expect the same lightning fast downloads, a custom live view that doesn't bog down your network, and none of the drawbacks.

Control Multiple Cameras

The new Wireless Pan/Tilt Head is easily adaptable for standard camera tripods. With a Wireless Endzone Camera system tower and an additional Wireless Pan/Tilt Head on a normal tripod in the Press Box, you can control both cameras from a single iPad! So if your coach is only interested in the snap from the End Zone View, then simply go to that live view and move the camera into position. Then, switch back to the Press Box View and follow the play once it starts. Or vice versa.

Because our system is on a single network, when you activate the record button you're simultaneously recording both cameras to your iPad AND to the camera's memory cards! This means all your clips are always synced perfectly. Play #33 from the End Zone View will match perfectly with Play #33 from the Press Box View both in position and in length. This makes Intercut in Hudl a breeze!

Tag the Game

Because the EDGE Replay is built internally into the new Wireless Pan/Tilt head, you get all the amazing features of EDGE in the app. When the play ends, easily jump over to the tagging screen and use the intuitive, interactive virtual football screen to tag ODK and down and distance on the play. And because all connected iPads give the power to the coaches, the head coach never needs to leave his viewing screen. While an assistant is tagging, the head coach can continue watching the live view or any available replays of past plays.

Operator Controls Everything

To further expound on our last point, consider what this system will mean for your program. Rather than assigning multiple people to control multiple cameras as well as other operators to control a replay system and tag it, now everything is contained on a single iPad and is easily accessible for a single operator. With the power of the Wireless Endzone Camera hardware and software, one operator can potentially film both your end zone and press box cameras and fully tag the game all by himself with incredible ease!

The new Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera is on sale right now and will ship in February! At a highly competitive price easily comparable to other non-wireless systems in the industry, this kind of value is unmatched. The ability to control from anywhere with a single iPad, EDGE instant replay service provided free for a full year, and the most innovative combination of hardware and software elevates the Sport Scope Wireless Endzone Camera above the rest. Get ahead of the game now by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on January 5, 2018