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What iPads Will Work With Cam Assist? - Sport Scope Video

What iPads Will Work With Cam Assist?

This year we're launching a new, revolutionary feature for all of our Wireless and Smart Endzone Camera systems called Cam Assist. Cam Assist will be launching on the Sport Scope app this spring. All Cam Assist enabled end zone cameras will set up just like any other, except your cameraman is an iPad, controlling the camera from the press box or sideline. Cam Assist watches the game in real-time, centering and zooming the camera on your linemen every play, giving your coaching staff consistent endzone film for sideline replays and post-game uploads.

Because this technology is more advanced than our previous method of control, the model and number of iPads on the network are limited when using Cam Assist. This article explains which iPads will work and why.

Control/View iPads

Only one iPad will use Cam Assist to control the End Zone Camera system. The iPad that will be doing the "controlling" of the Endzone Camera must be one of the "Control/View" iPads from the list below. The reason we are limited to these iPads is because Cam Assist demands more processing power from the iPad it is working on. Therefore, the iPad must have the A12 processor or above. Currently, the four iPads below are the only ones on the market with this processor. As newer iPads are released the price of these will go down and the number of compatible control iPads will grow.

View Only iPads

If using Sideline Replay with Cam Assist - for example with the Smart Endzone Camera system - the only iPads allowed on the network when using Cam Assist are the ones in our list labeled either "Control/View" or "View Only". Not only does Cam Assist demand more processing power from the iPad it's running on, but it taxes the wireless network more as well. Therefore, in order to ensure your sideline replay downloads continue to be fast and consistent, the iPads on the network need to have the latest wireless connectivity technology. Currently, the only iPads on the market with new enough WiFi tech are the four listed below and the four above.

Total iPads on the Network

Only 5 iPads total can be used with the Smart Endzone Camera system. If using Sideline Replay with Cam Assist, then you are limited on how many iPads are allowed on the wireless network for replay viewing. Currently you may use only up to 5 of the compatible iPads that can be found in the lists above or the same list on our iPad Compatibility Page.

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Posted on February 14, 2019