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Why Inexpensive Endzone Cameras are Problematic

Why Inexpensive Endzone Cameras are Problematic

Every day more sports are harnessing the power of elevated, over-the-field game and practice film. As a result, there are more Endzone Camera tripods entering the market than ever before. While competing technology is good for the consumer, you also need to be cautious of products promising more than what they can deliver at seemingly low prices.

Incomplete Package

In many cases, one of the major reasons you're going to spend less on an End Zone Camera system is because numerous necessary items will be left out of the total package. For example, important pieces like the video camera, a durable travel bag, or other electronics may not come included in the final product as a means to cut costs. This means more work and research for you as the customer and potentially little to no savings. We know coaches are busy and don't have time to put together a system for what amounts to, in the end, poor return on value. Getting the funds for an all-in-one complete system up front will not only remove headaches, but will give you the peace of mind that all parts will be compatible and can be traced back to the company provider for technical support.

Weak Towers

The major factor for what makes or breaks an End Zone Camera system and also what influences its price is the tripod tower pole itself. It's height, design, and materials are all crucial. You might be thinking it's simple to put a camera on top of a 30-foot tower up in the air, but as teams who have bought inexpensive endzone cameras in the past have learned, this is not an easy task.

Cheap towers are prone to swaying in the wind much more than the average pole. They also are subject to bending or breaking and blowing over in strong gusts, vibrating resulting in shaky video, and simply don't last the amount time you need them to. For the amount of money spent on a cheap $2,000-$3,000 endzone camera tower, you'll probably be required to pay that money again in a few years as the system degrades. And then the same problem will occur again, and again as you keep buying cheap towers. However, if your team purchases a trusted Endzone Camera from a reputable manufacterer in the $4,500 to $6,000 range , it will easily last 10+ years, will be able to handle the elements and other harsh winds/weather, and you'll get the game film you deserve.

Poor Technical Support

Before choosing an Endzone Camera, perhaps an equally defining factor to consider on par with that of the tower itself is the manufacturer's customer service. Companies who offer End Zone Camera towers at cheap prices are usually cheap on service. Their goal is to reduce cost by any means in order to improve their margins, but that means customers aren't as supported from season to season how they need to be. The reality is, Endzone Cameras take a beating. They need to be strong, but they also need a company to provide service for their product and to the customer if issues come up. An Endzone Camera manufacturer who has the resources to support their product year round will give you the return on investment you deserve.

Sport Scope is the only company in the Endzone Camera industry that can provide tough, durable towers, complete packages, and unmatched customer service at the most competitive prices. Sure you can get another tower for less money, but in the long term not only are you getting significantly less value, but you'll very likely be spending more money than if you had gone with Sport Scope in the first place. We do Endzone Cameras right and our history along with the plethora of testimonials straight from the mouths of coaches testifies to this truth.

Posted on August 9, 2019