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How Cam Assist Will Film Your Football Game from the Endzone - Sport Scope Video

How Cam Assist Will Film Your Football Game from the Endzone

If you've been following any of our content so far you know about the new AI feature we're promoting and launching for the 2020 football season, Cam Assist, which will be available for any of our wireless End Zone Camera systems. Last week we took a careful look at what iPads will be necessary to use Cam Assist. Today we'll discuss how the Smart Endzone Camera with built-in Sideline Replay or the Wireless Endzone Camera using Cam Assist will film the game from the End Zone and what you'll need to do for the best results.

Record Button

As we've spoken about before, currently Cam Assist does not initiate or stop the recordings on its own. You will need to start and stop the recordings by selecting the red record button before and after each play. However, the actual panning, tilting, and zooming of the Endzone Camera is performed by Cam Assist for you.

Following the Flow of the Play

As of right now Cam Assist also does not follow the football during the play. It is currently programmed to only follow the players to the line of scrimmage and the movement of the squads after the snap. If you need the End Zone Camera to follow the play outside of these parameters then you can touch your fingers to the iPad screen to take over controls at any time. Also, there may be rare circumustances where Cam Assist gets confused and has lost the majority of players before the next play begins, in which case you'll need to touch the screen and move the camera back to where it needs to be so Cam Assist can resume controlling and you keep getting your Sideline Replays as normal.

Zoom Preference

Cam Assist zooms in on your linemen by itself, but how much it zooms depends on your preference. At the time of launch Cam Assist will allow you to choose from 3 zoom preferences: tight, moderate, and wide. The wider your zoom preference the more the entiretely of the play will be captured in frame. More details about the zoom preference will be coming soon.

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Posted on February 21, 2019