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High School Football Champions Use Sport Scope Endzone Camera - Sport Scope Video

High School Football Champions Use Sport Scope Endzone Camera

Endzone Video System

The 2016 season is now over and the results are in. Consistently, the best high school football programs are studying their game by filming from the endzone. And the very top teams are using the Sport Scope Automatic Endzone Camera System to do so.

Steve Specht, head football coach at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, OH, can speak to this testament. Coach Specht says, “At St. Xavier, studying video is a key part of what we do every day. We used the Sport Scope equipment to record fantastic footage of every game. More importantly, Sport Scope allowed us to analyze each practice like never before and make adjustments prior to Friday night. Thanks to Sport Scope, our guys were ready to play fast at game time!”

The St. Xavier Bombers ended the season as Ohio Division I State Champions. They are ranked #1 in the state of Ohio and #14 in the nation.

The Bombers aren’t the only high-level team to favor the Sport Scope Endzone Tower. In 2016, 26 other high school teams operating the Sport Scope Endzone Tower and Camera System used the 30’ aerial view to gain an edge on their competition and finish the season as state champions, division champions or state runner-ups. That’s right – 27 championship and runner-up teams around the United States use Sport Scope to finish at the top!

And the Endzone Camera wasn’t the only Sport Scope piece of equipment to give the nation’s best high school teams a competitive edge. This year four state championship teams employed the Sport Scope EDGE Replay for their sideline instant replay needs.

Here's what head coach, David McKenna, of Gonzaga Prep High School in Spokane, WA - 2015 4A State Champions - had to say about the EDGE Replay:

"We were able to utilize the EDGE Instant Replay as immediate feed back for our players. We have two platoons in our program and the EDGE is a tool we use to coach between series. This allowed clear communication with our players and allowed all coaches to be on the same page throughout the game. The EDGE was accessible during the game and our players were able to view their mistakes, making corrections more efficient.”

Are you interested in getting a 30’ view in the endzone? Act now because through the rest of the month of December you can purchase the 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera at $400 off! The Sport Scope is a premium system with a 10 year warranty on our professional grade construction tripod tower. And everything – all electronics and cables – is included in a convenient heavy duty travel bag. You won’t want to miss out on this special promotion. Call (888) 335-7875 today and start out 2017 with the same edge over your competition as the best teams in the nation.

Posted on December 22, 2016 at 11:30 AM