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How Football Game Film Helps Coaches Improve Player Positions - Sport Scope Video

How Football Game Film Helps Coaches Improve Player Positions

Endzone Video System

At Sport Scope we’re committed to helping teams of all sports capture exceptional game film at an ideal aerial view and at a reasonable cost. For our largest customer base, high school football, we understand the necessity of getting game film from the Pressbox View and the Endzone View.

Film from these views is important for a number of reasons. However, one of the more significant motivations for analyzing the game at these angles is the ability to point out flaws and successes in a particular player’s position and technique.

Let’s look at some specific examples in order to understand how this works. Defensive coordinators, for instance, put a lot of emphasis on their defensive line for obvious reasons. Each position on the line plays an important role. Accordingly, each man needs to follow through on his objective in order to successfully defend against the offense’s planned play. The coach’s ordered formation based on down and distance is important, yes. But how his men start and react in that formation is of equal consequence.

Let’s consider the Defensive Tackle position first. If the coach is running a 4-3 defense, he’ll most likely be looking at how his DT is covering his gap(s). Is he positioning himself properly on the 1-technique? Does he need to shade into the gap even more? Now what about the Defensive End? Coaches will be analyzing his technique as well. Is he aligning himself with the correct shoulder of the Right or Left Tackle? Is he handling the 1-gap scheme effectively?

The same goes for a 3-4 defense. Coaches want to be sure their players have the correct even techniques. And just as importantly under both schemes, what about the player’s athletic technique? Is he implementing the right stance? How well is he exploding off the line of scrimmage? And so on and so forth

All of these questions are answered by having adequate game film. Coaches can use the elevated angle camera recordings to help their players improve. The coach can project high definition digital footage on a big screen and show his players all the nitty gritty details. And let's not forget, reviews can be done on any position, not just the defensive linemen. A coach can single out any position he wants and analyze it with his players.

This isn’t so the coach can point out a bunch of mistakes a player made during the game and destroy the man’s confidence. The game film is educational. If the player wants to excel at his position and the coach wants him to as well, then he’ll use this tool to instruct his player on how to do his job better. And with the right response and genuine effort, the player and the coach will build trust with one another. Even if the player fails his role athletically on a particular play next time around, a good coach will point out how he took his advice and adapted his technique correctly. This builds confidence and will drive his players to push even harder next Friday.

The Endzone and Pressbox elevated angles are essential for coaches and their roles as educators. A Tower in the Endzone and a Tripod in the Pressbox will change the way your football program functions. Sport Scope is here to meet that demand. For the remainder of January, we’re offering our premium 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera System at a limited time promotion of $400 off! Be sure to check out this special offer along with our Single View and Dual View Pressbox Tripods.

Posted on January 20, 2017 at 11:30 AM