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Why Coaching Football Will Improve with the Smart Endzone Camera - Sport Scope Video

Why Coaching Football Will Improve with the Smart Endzone Camera

The Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera and built-in EDGE Replay is a powerhouse, elevated-view video recording and replay system that gives power to the coach. We've spent years successfully supporting and learning from coaches across the country who have used our Endzone Cameras and Sideline Replay System, EDGE Replay. We took their feedback and have imported the best features for what makes coaching with game footage the most intuitive and beneficial. Here's a snapshot of what to expect from a football coaching standpoint...

Coach's Live View

The Smart Endzone Camera System and EDGE Replay give connected iPads the ability to see a Live View of the game for one of your camera angles. We've made this screen easily accessible so coaches can toggle back and forth between the Live View and their replay clips. If you need a quick look at your linemen or the box from an aerial view, now you can simply look down at the iPad.

On-Screen ODK

In today's football environment, not only is sideline replay important, but so is efficient tagging for in-game and post-game analysis. Now the person filming the game from the iPad can easily tag each recorded play as Offense, Defense, or Kick with the simple tap of an on-screen button. Once your team's position changes, just select the appropriate button and we'll color code each replay clip accordingly.

Football Auto-Tagging

For football coaches interested in more in-depth tagging by down and distance, we have exactly what you need. At any time during the game, anyone with an iPad can select the most recent play and open the tagging screen to select the play type, the outcome, and down, distance, and much more.

And with Auto-Tag turned On, the next play will automatically pre-select your ODK, down and distance based on what happened for the last play so that all you have to do is select what happened and the loss or gain.

In-Game Statistics

Don't forget that if you do tag by down and distance, you'll get powerful analytics of your opponent tendencies. Simply filter by what kind of play is coming up next and find out your opponent's likelihood of passing, rushing, blitz, etc.

Draw On-Screen

The Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera allows for precise game filming and instant sideline replay so you can show your athletes exactly what they did wrong from a bird's eye view. But to make coaching truly efficient, you need to be able to telestrate on-screen in front of their eyes. The Sport Scope app makes drawing over the play incredibly simple. Simply pause, select the draw button and start coaching.

Reduced Film Staff and Reliability

Last but certainly not least, perhaps the most important thing to coaches for incorporating game film into their coaching is actually getting people to run the equipment and for it to work properly.

The Smart Endzone Camera is the solution to this request. Because the Sideline Instant Replay happens automatically as the person filming the Endzone angle records the game, this means you don't need an additional person on staff to handle replay control. The replay activation is integrated into the Endzone control!

Additionally, because we've eliminated big cable bundles, monitor screens, joysticks and remotes, you have less electronic equipment that was typically prone to breaking. And with our latest, powerful 3-point wireless network, the reliability of the wireless connection is top notch. The streaming is consistent and the replay downloads are faster than ever.

With all of these features combined there's simply nothing holding you back from coaching at your fullest potential. The Smart Endzone Camera System and EDGE Replay are technologies that work for the coach, not the other way around.

At a highly competitive price, easily comparable to other non-wireless systems in the industry, this kind of value is unmatched. And remember that with our March promotion you get $300 off the 30' Smart Endzone Camera! This is the most innovative technology on the market today. Elevate your team above the rest with the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on March 1, 2018