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Endzone Cameras, Sideline Replay, & AI for High School Football - Sport Scope Video

Endzone Cameras, Sideline Replay, & AI for High School Football

Sport Scope Endzone Cameras and EDGE Sideline Replay are taking video technology for high school football into the future. We've come a long way from manufacturing solely basic End Zone Cameras back in 2012. The days of controlling your camera with a pulley system or joystick to follow the play are becoming a relic of the past. Sport Scope is pioneering endzone camera wireless technology with 30-foot quadpod and 20-foot tripod telescoping towers that can be controlled via an iPad.

But we didn't stop there. Because our Endzone Cameras are on a wireless network, we combined the wireless control with our top-notch sideline replay system, EDGE Replay. It became a 2-in-1 system that allowed the operator to film the Endzone Camera from the comfort of the Pressbox and send the instant replays to all the coaches on the sideline all at the same time!

Now with the introduction of our latest feature, Cam Assist, Artificial Intelligence is taking over the control of the Endzone Camera. As of right now you'll still need an operator to select the record button when the play is about to start, and select stop after the play is over. But because that is the only input required, the person operating the Sideline camera could be the same one selecting start and stop for each play. All he or she would need to do is have the iPad on a desk next to the camera in the Pressbox and press start on the Sport Scope app before the play starts, then follow the play on the Pressbox camera, then select stop on the iPad once the play ends.

It's amazing how all of the technology that we've advanced over the years has culminated in a seamless, integrated system that continues to reduce moving parts and additional staff required to get the game film and sideline replay coaches' need on Friday nights.

As our technology continues to advance, Sport Scope, EDGE Replay, & Cam Assist will be there to diminish the interaction necessary between volunteers and coaches with the equipment and increase the automation. We'll also continue to blend our systems together so that everything is all a part of one seamless process that gives coaches the tools they didn't know could be this easy. And if issues or help is needed from customer support, Sport Scope is your one-stop-shop for technical support on each integrated system.

For January and February only, Sport Scope is offering a massive promotion so you can save big on an Endzone Camera and Sideline Replay system. To introduce our newest wireless end zone camera feature - Cam Assist - we're offering the 30' or 20' Smart Endzone Camera at $500 OFF normal price! Or get the 30' or 20' Wireless Endzone Camera at $400 OFF! Call (888) 335-7875 to learn more!

Posted on January 31, 2019