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End Zone Camera Features You Can Rely On! - Sport Scope Video

End Zone Camera Features You Can Rely On!

Coaches know how important game film is. Technology has changed the way football is coached and there's no going back. If you want to be competitive, you need a telescopic end zone camera system to give you an elevated angle of the game. These systems are nothing to sneeze at. There are a lot of options at varying prices. An end zone camera's features at the right price point will separate it from the pack. What are the End Zone Camera features you can rely on?

Premium American-Made Build

Every pole stage on Sport Scope's 25' and 30' telescoping towers is American-Made and constructed from premium, heavy duty materials. Our towers weigh more than the average endzone mast and that's a good thing! Your end zone tower cannot be flimsy. It needs to be built like a rock. We also have 4 locking legs for added stability. The Sport Scope was made to handle the outdoor elements and stand tall. This is our promise.

All In One Package

Endzone systems have a lot of parts in order to work at full capacity. Therefore, if you're going to invest in such an important product, you should get everything you need. The Sport Scope is the complete package. We give you everything you need for game day: high definition camera, memory card viewing monitor, Pan and Tilt head, batteries, cables and remotes, electronics hardcase, base plate and wheels for mobility, rain gear and a large storage bag for travel and simple organization.

Custom Made Automatic Pan/Tilt Head

Some end zone camera company's rely on a 3rd party pan and tilt mechanism and D-pad controls in order to construct an automatic camera system. This limits the camera's mobility and is of questionable quality. The Sport Scope 30' Automatic Endzone Camera system comes with a custom built Pan/Tilt head and Joystick made specifically for filming sports like football and soccer. Relax in a chair and use the variable speed joystick and film your game with a reliable product that has a 3-year warranty and that we make the parts for should you need any repairs.

10 Year Warranty

We stand by our 25' and 30' end zone tower masts. This tower will stand the test of time. And we guarentee it for 10 years. Have peace of mind knowing the most important part of your end zone video system is covered.

Customer Service

When things don't go as planned you need technical support to fall back on. This is where Sport Scope excels. We are always available on game night and our technicians are prepared to help in whatever way possible. Here's what one of many coaches have said about our accessibility: "Customer service has always been outstanding and they have walked us through any troubleshooting that was needed. Their response is always immediate and helpful."

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Posted on December 8, 2017