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Will Elevated Camera Angles Really Improve Your Team Game? - Sport Scope Video

Will Elevated Camera Angles Really Improve Your Team Game?

Why is it that so many football coaches want good, quality video footage of scrimmages and games from specific angles of the field? To put it simply, the more coaches and athletes can inspect positioning, technique, mistakes, etc., the more they can improve on all of these. It's a cliche but it'a a cliche for a reason: knowledge is power.

The Battlefield

Think of it this way. Imagine you're playing a game of chess. But in this game you're the size of a pawn and you're literally standing on the board. You can only see what's in your immediate viscinity, like a Knight or the Queen, but that's it. The rest of the board is obscured from view by these pieces standing in your way. How well do you think you're going to play the game from this perspective?

Strategy on the battlefield is a big part of football. Being able to see the full layout of your squad and the opponent's positions will open up how you approach future plays. Without the elevated perspective through use of a Pressbox camera or Endzone Camera, you can't see everything on the chess board and that will severely impact your ability to strategize.

Technique Critique

A coach standing on the sideline can only see how his players are moving immediately after the snap to a very limited degree. And for the players themselves, without a camera they can't critique their own movement at all. We can't see ourselves after all. An endzone and sideline view captured on video is the mirror that coaches and players can use to analyze tackling technique, reaction time, pivots, and so on in order to understand what's working and what needs improved upon.

Replay Advantage

Clearly, for the brief reasons mentioned above, having access to elevated camera angles really does improve your game. But for many schools, accessing this footage only happens the day after a big game in the film room. Fortunately, though, a growing trend in High School Football is the utilization of Sideline Replay so coaches and players can analyze the plays from their elevated angles immediately after the play is over. This is a major advantage since your play series and athlete performance is still fresh in everyone's mind during the game. And with technological systems like the Sport Scope Smart Endzone Camera, you can have an End Zone video angle and Instant Sideline Replay coming from a single product.

At Sport Scope, all of our products are geared toward enhancing the coaching experience for team sports. And with Endzone Systems with Manual, Joystick, and Wireless iPad control options, we'll have an Endzone Camera perfect for your sports program. Take advantage of our May promotion now and save up to $200 off your new system today! Call (888) 335-7875 to learn more!

Posted on May 10, 2019