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EDGE Sideline Replay Testimonial from Coach Rivers

EDGE Sideline Replay Testimonial from Coach Rivers

EDGE Sideline Replay

"We recently purchased the EDGE Replay System to use and couldn't be happier. The system is very portable and easy to connect. I am able to transport all of the equipment in a briefcase-sized bag and be up and running in minutes. The controls on the app are vey intuitive and the ability to ODK as well as mark stats on the fly saves our staff a tremendous amount of time. Now we can go back during the game to see multiple camera angles and pull up tendencies based on down and distance to make adjustments and informed decisions. Also the fact that the system is app-based let's our staff split apart into their position groups for coaching or plug into a tv for full group presentations. There has not been lag time or an issue with range like we have had in the past with other systems. The video replay is extremely fast and responsive. And one of the best parts of the video replay is the ability to do "chalk talk" in the app to draw instead of point what you want to illustrate. But my favorite feature is the ability to upload everything (the video, the breakdowns, etc.) to HUDL with the swipe of a button as soon as we have an Internet connection. I know there are a lot of systems out there, but after doing research, I think this one is by far the best."

Doug Rivers, Football Coach

- Dutch Fork High School, South Carolina

Posted on June 22, 2016 at 10:37 AM