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EDGE Replay Can Save you More Time than the Hudl Sideline - Sport Scope Video

EDGE Replay Can Save you More Time than the Hudl Sideline

Recently Hudl has been touting the most beneficial feature to their Hudl Sideline replay system. This is the ability to wirelessly upload your game files to your Hudl account.

Understandably, Hudl has been pushing this advantage aggressively in their marketing. But how advantageous is this one feature when stacked against the EDGE Replay pound for pound?

With EDGE Replay, the ability to directly upload game files to your Hudl account is not possible. This is because Hudl does not allow third party apps to connect to their online service. Therefore, with EDGE you’ll have to download your game files to iTunes first, then transfer to your computer before uploading to Hudl using Hudl Mercury.

Admittingly, this is a 10-minute process that you can bypass with the Hudl Sideline and there’s nothing any non-Hudl replay system can do about it.

However, let’s analyze how much time you really save with the Hudl Sideline versus the EDGE Replay when both are being used to their fullest potential.

Tagging each game is essential for most football programs. In the past, this was typically done after the game was over. Traditionally you would have to select each individual play, re-watch it, and then enter in all the necessary information about the play manually. For example, you would have to input what yard line the play started, where it ended, the down and distance, the type of play, and so on and so forth.

The EDGE Replay allows you to bypass all of this by giving you the ability to tag the game live as it is happening. And it’s easier than ever. We highlight the clip of the play that just transpired and then we give you a virtual football field with all the tools you need. Simply drag and drop the ball, select the play or whatever other variable is necessary (such as a fumble) and you’re done and ready to move on to the next play.

After the game is over, a file is created with all of your tagging data linked to the appropriate plays. This gets transferred to your computer and then you can upload into Hudl Mercury along with your game clips.

The Hudl Sideline does not give you this ability within their replay app. Therefore, if you’re going to use the Hudl Sideline and you need to have your game tagged, then you’ll have to do this manually afterward or on a secondary app during the game. However, the secondary app is not as intuitive as the EDGE Replay’s virtual football field and because your data is not linked to each individual play, mistakes are easy to come by and might create even more work in the long run.

What does all this mean?

It means in reality the Hudl Sideline creates far more work for you than the EDGE Replay. Tagging plays manually or fixing data after the game can take hours. Compare this to the mere extra 10 minutes it takes to upload your files to Hudl when using EDGE. Now compound that with EDGE Replay’s easier set up and handling of fewer parts and, if you’re using a 2 camera replay system, the $1000 less in cost per year.

Connecting to your Hudl account from the app is nice, sure. But there are far better advantages that only the EDGE Replay can offer to your football program.

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Posted on May 19, 2017 at 11:30 AM