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EDGE Sideline Replay Works Great in Large Stadiums - Sport Scope Video

EDGE Sideline Replay Works Great in Large Stadiums

Some time ago we took our EDGE Instant Replay to the 2016 Arizona Bowl to test the strength of our network. The results were outstanding. Here's what happened...

Can EDGE Replay Handle Interference?

The EDGE Replay uses a custom-made recording box that was built from the ground up for the sole purpose of doing sideline replay. Some other companies use a 3rd party streaming device that isn’t capable of recording clips of the game. It can only deliver a stream of the video to your iPad.

For this reason, they’re forcing a makeshift solution. They task the iPad with doing the recording work that our EDGE Replay device does. But an iPad wasn’t built to do such sophisticated replay processing. Therefore, they strain their network, complicate the process, and can’t avoid slow downloading or problems with interference while EDGE is simple and fast because our hardware was made specifically for football sideline replay.

With this is mind, you may be asking how well this wireless technology works when there are thousands of fans in the stands - all carrying WiFi seeking smart phones - and various other communication signals being tossed around the field? Well those concerns can be put to rest. At the 2016 Arizona Bowl, where the Air Force Falcons faced off against the South Alabama Jaguars, the EDGE Replay System was put to serious test.

Endzone Video System

How Big Can The Stadium Be?

There were 33,000 fans in the stadium and over 200 yards of distance from our antenna to our four connected iPads. To make matters worse, the Air Force CoachComm Headset Station was positioned right next to our iPad on the sideline. So how did the EDGE Replay perform? In a word: flawlessly.

Download speeds were incredibly fast and the system performed perfectly throughout the entire game. This proves that the EDGE Replay will be reliable at any venue. And if you need evidence for yourself, check out the video below. Our EDGE box was connected to the live feed of the game, which is what was being shown on television. What the crowd saw on the scoreboard is what we were transmitting from the Pressbox antenna to our iPads on the sideline…

A coach in the Pressbox with another connected iPad was using the Start and Stop buttons to record the play from the live feed. As you can see, our iPad getting the Sideline Replay was able to download the play almost instantaneously even though its access point was so far away. And don’t forget that there are numerous commentators, broadcast devices, and communication headsets littering that Pressbox. If EDGE Replay can perform this well at a major operation like what was had at the Arizona Bowl, then imagine how reliable it will be at any high school stadium.

The EDGE Replay is a sideline instant replay system beyond anything you've ever used! At a highly competitive price, easily besting other competitors in the long term, this kind of value is unmatched. EDGE Replay is the most innovative technology on the market today. Elevate your team above the rest with your own EDGE Replay sideline system by calling (888) 335-7875 today!

Posted on March 23, 2018