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Endzone Camera Comparison: Sport Scope vs Endzone Video Systems - Sport Scope Video

Endzone Camera Comparison: Sport Scope vs Endzone Video Systems

The Sport Scope Endzone Camera has often been compared with other competing systems. For those in the market, you may be wondering how one end zone camera stacks up against another. Today, we’re going to compare the Sport Scope 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera with Endzone Video Systems’ EVS25. Let’s examine the major differences and what they’ll mean for you...

Complete Package:

The biggest difference between the Sport Scope and the EVS25 is what you’re getting for your money. The Sport Scope 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera comes with everything. HD Camera and battery, travel case, rain gear, and even a chair for sitting while you operate the tower.

The EVS25 does not come standard with any of the items mentioned above. Once you add all of these “optional” items to the EVS25, you’re looking at most likely an extra $1000 or more. This puts the total price of the EVS25 at well over $5000. Compare that with the all-in-one price of $4,499 and no hassles with adding extra items.

Legs and Stability:

While both the Sport Scope and EVS25 are custom made towers built in the United States, one major difference is the assurance of stability. The Sport Scope has 4 locking legs for an added point of ground contact. The EVS25, like most other end zone systems, only has 3. At Sport Scope, we feel that for such a tall telescoping video tower that must battle the elements like heavy wind, having as many contact points with the ground for stability is essential.

Automatic Option:

At this point, you might be asking why we’re not comparing the EVS25 with the Sport Scope 25’ Manual System. Firstly, in either case a Sport Scope tower is going to be the bigger bang for your buck. However, if we’re talking about a telescoping video tower for the purposes of filming high school football, having the option to pan and tilt your camera by a robotic mechanism is certainly a great feature to have.

Filming in the endzone does not require extensive movements and the play durations are not that particularly long. Therefore, it’s nice to be able to sit back and relax while you follow the play and record game film. The Sport Scope 30’ Automatic Endzone Camera has the best Pan/Tilt robotic camera platform in the industry. With variable speed, a 3-year warranty, and a custom design all of our own, the automatic Pan/Tilt makes filming football fun and relaxing. Without this option, Endzone Video Systems forces you to stand up against the tower for the entire length of the game.

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Posted on June 16, 2017 at 11:30 AM